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 MCC Boot Camp :: TESTIMONIALS                                              

(From UK, Australia, Japan, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Scotland ....)

Extremely helpful and supportive.  The instructors are willing to spend whatever time you need to ensure you have a full understanding of the subject.

MCC provide a designed and structured course to give you the maximum benefits from this education. It is a rigorous course designed to promote you to a position where you not only pass the test but have a practical understanding of its place and purpose in the professional world. This is definitely not a brain dump course.
You are left with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.
Nicholas Westmancoat,  UK 

This is Dream come true for me. I want to be MCSE and CCNA from so long. I tried reading books and prepare but could not understand and i decided to join MCC. Thank you MCC , because of you i am MCSE and CCNA , now i have head start in IT and let me tell you this you are the best and You are the cheapest. Please don't increase price as many people like me who spend from their own pocket want t0 be MCSE and CCNA.

Hilary, Switzerland

Yeah, Yeah , Yeah I am MCSE and CCNA. I thank MCC and also Bacchus who suggested me this camp. Staff of MCC and hotel are so eager to help me. It really is great experience. I will come back for CCNP.

Abidemi, Switzerland

Thanks for the good time. Food and weather were perfect, but I never used the pool. I cant believe that learning is so interesting that I worked from 08:00 a.m. until midnight. The teacher spent so much time with me and the rest of the group even outside studying hours.
So my result is more than 910.
Dr.Joerg Willme

The instructor was fantastic!. I could not have asked for a better instructor. MCC Bootcamp is the place to do MCSE/CCNA/CCNP. The instruction was excellent, the staff was exceptional and the food was splendid. Climate was sunny and beautiful. I would most certainly recommend MCC bootcamp in the future."
Saeed Hodjati, UK 

The instructor was just great ! very knowledgeable and professional. I would come back and I will recommend MCC Boot camp to others.

Jignesh Patel, UK 

The instructor taught real world experience and did not just teach us to pass the test. He knew the subject well and was encouraging. His lectures were very well delivered

Colver Dennis, USA 

The information was presented well and we had a lot of fun with the instructor. I would send a friend to take this class. The instructor kept us going

Dweight Baccus, Switzerland

The instructor was great! Always very supportive, I thought I would never be able to accomplish what I did in a boot camp

Alan Coventry, Scotland

 The instructors were excellent. They handled pressure well and taught in a well-prepared, informative manner. I have achieved MCSE/XP/CCNA/CCNP in 45 days. If you need to get your MCSE in a short period of time, MCC Bootcamp is the only way to go

Mark Romero, Japan.

Hi!, I am Puvi Thamboo. I work as a senior consultant, Microsoft Canada. Before joining, I’ve compared MCC bootcamp with many other boot camps in USA and found it quite comprehensive and cost effective. I am glad that it was the right choice as training and facilities at MCC were very good. Trainer gives you the real life scenario that helps in understanding the product in totality.

Puvi Thamboo Microsoft, Canada.

If you're serious about getting certified, this is the place to go. Definitely worth their competitive price. Excellent instructors, making it possible for anyone to learn no matter what your level of experience or knowledge. MCC is a wonderful group of people. Very good at trying to meet special requests or needs. Also a very friendly and helpful staff at the resort, making for an all around pleasant experience.

Michael Doty - (Former US Army - Bahrain) USA

I liked everything about MCC Bootcamp and I’ll be back for CCNP. Everything about camp can be found at my site. Please visit for Bootcamp information.

Mr. Jeremy Childers - USA

You people have right work attitude towards everything. I am MCSE 2000 now and looking forward to get a good job when I get back to USA. Thank you for everything.

Mr. Ricardo Liverpool - USA

'It is unbelievable that I have finished my MCSE in 21 days. Trainers are very good and have knack of imparting complex knowledge in a very effective way with great sense of humor. I strongly recommend MCC Bootcamp to any one who wants to achieve prestigious Microsoft certification with-in the limited time period.'

Ahmad Khalaf - Bahrain

I thank MCC for changing my life. I have done my MCSE(NT 4.0) in July, 2000 and I have just completed my MCSE 2000 in January,2001.I am working with BMW now and earning a handsome salary. I dedicate my success to MCC for great training and encouragement.

Mr. Neil Luff (BMW Core IT Team - First MCSE2000 in BMW) U.K.

I liked the attitude of our trainer Mr. Ashish to all of us and how we were coping. Ashish we could never find another you. The excellent environment we found ourselves in, that helped us to prepare ourselves mentally for the boot camp.

Ms. Belinda Victor U.K.

It was individually structured to meet my individual needs Trainer Mr. Mayank Desai was so relaxed in the instruction and found it beneficial because of My need to cover so much material. It was a pleasure working with MCC, learning from you and developing friendships together. A very personal experience unlike any other training I have had.

Mr. Roy Turpin, Data in Motion California USA

The excellent tuition and personal attention given. The ability to now understand the course taught which is more valuable than certification. Good food, Good teaching, Good People

Mr. Alan McDonald U.K.

The great experience of being India and the fact that I eventually passed all exams , with excellent training and Guidance. Our Trainer Mr. Ashish has a brain like a SPONGE.

Mr. Matt Robinson Networking Consultant U.K.

I liked the quick pace and excellent service and pool at Sandy Resort.

Mr. Bill Kunz USA Army

In USA, MCSE Bootcamp can cost US$ 6000/- to US$ 7000/-. MCC gives you MCSE, MCSE+I, CCNA and Windows2000 upgrade at unbelievable 7050 US$ with all High class arrangements. Great value for money. Trainers are excellent, MCC approach towards training and exam preparation is very good. I am surely going to come again for Complete Win2k and Cisco certification and going to recommend this to my employees, friends and anyone who wants international certification.

Jeff Graham (Unix/Oracle Admin, USA)

It was extremely satisfying experience. Everything was taken care of right from landing at Mumbai Airport to Hotel accommodation, Delicious Food, Sight seeing, Quality teaching , Notes and that too with great hospitality. I am feeling more confident as a MCSE now and ready to take up networking projects right back home in UK.
You can give my home no 01423889430 and on 0468978942 to all your inquiries. Thanks,

Linda Ingleson (UK)

Pound to Pound it's a great value for money spent. I am extremely happy with the arrangements and standard of training.

Richard Robertson (IT Manager, UK)

Hi ! I am Network Consultant in UK. I am undergoing MCC Bootcamp right now in India. Surely a great experience for me. I have gained insight in Windows Nt and now I can design Nt based network more efficiently. It's an Experience for me.

David Wells (Novell/Nt Network Admin, UK)

I have gained immense confidence in front of the computer. I have seriously decided to find my career in this field only after doing this course. Very user-friendly atmosphere in and out of the classroom. Absolutely no sense of intimidation.

- Junaid Faruqui (Saudi Arabia)

Subject wise teaching is done with exam point of view. Excellent training center with knowledgeable faculty.

- Mohanlal Masilamani (Saudi Arabia)

I have found the teachers really good and always willing to help. MCC has a fantastic learning environment.

- David Raskino

The course gives me confidence to give MCSE exams without the help of engineering background.

- Niren Timbadia (USA)

(We train students from UK, Australia, Japan, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Scotland ....)